Rika Coppens, CEO The House of HR

The House of HR
Fosbury and Sons
8 June 2023

Rita Coppens
CEO – The House of HR

After a great and inspiring event in March where Olivier van Hoorebeke, Global Head of Supply Chain for the Capsule Division of Lonza (former Capsugel), explained us what the do’s and don’ts in this fast changing world of Pharma need to be, we are now again more than proud to be able to announce our next speaker!

We are more than thrilled and enthusiastic to have Rika Coppens, CEO of House of HR as our keynote speaker on: The House of HR: how we change lives!

The House of HR is a leading HR services group active all over Europe with a very dense presence in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France. Over 40 companies in the group are active in 2 segments: ‘Engineering & Consulting’ and ‘Specialized Talent Solutions’ and with 3 billion sales in 2022.

Rika Coppens has recently been selected as Manager of the Year and we are proud to have Rika on stage for Scameleon.

The way people look at jobs, companies and the world and how they want to fit in is constantly changing. Companies need to attract the right people and try to keep also the right people. Many different influences are putting this under stress … how to find the answers is the key question. What is the right business model? How can we guarantee the right (de-)centralized business model with respect for ownership & accountability? Is the corporate model the best way forward for everyone? Chain, Engineering en Asset Management.

Thursday June 8

Fosbury and Sons
Alfons Gossetlaan 30,
1702 Groot-Bijgaarden


19:00  Intro Kris Smet, Chairman
19:15   Rika Coppens, CEO The House of HR
20:30 Closing & Walking Diner

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