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A business network that has a boutique character (unique, tailor-made, customized to our target audience, independent, dynamic), exclusive but not elitist. An anchor point from Supply Chain / Purchase, this attracts no-nonsense DNA We are top of mind when people think of Purchasing and Supply Chain In our domain we are known as a “good club”.

The unique mix of industries with the complementary DNA of their representatives makes SCaMeleon to the trusted network of peers and this across disciplines. At SCaMeleon we are all thrilled by the enigma that sharing of experiences in, over, along and on supply chain can bring not only more value, but also more agility and resilience to our member companies.

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SCaMeleon exists for and by its members. We stand for thorough knowledge sharing and networking by the unique formula of Experience Exchanges, steered by themes that matter for senior management and that might have a – direct or indirect – link to Supply Chain & Procurement. As a think tank we look across the borders of our companies, our country and our fields of expertise not only to stimulate the end-to-end out-of-the-box thinking but also to bring back ideas and value to our companies.


A trusted network of senior business people.

A non-profit organization that takes the challenge to upgrade the function & knowledge of supply chain & procurement.