About us

SCaMeleon wants to play an important role in the further development of Supply Chain & Procurement. A non-profit organization that takes the challenge to upgrade the function & knowledge of Supply Chain & Procurement started by professionals from different disciplines and over a variety of companies and sectors with the same believe in the power of Supply Chain & Procurement.  We want to further support these functions in their development and added-value orientation and we want to promote the importance of the further professionalization of the supply chain & procurement function in corporate and public life.

Our Mission

Our profession is subject to worldwide developments, the challenges of an – ever increasing – global economy, the importance of (our) contribution to profit and added value and this within an changing and increasing social eco-system.

Meet our board

Kris Smet


Raf Bellers


Frank Deferm


Johan Van Den Broeck

Board Member

Pascal Vrancken

Board Member

Stef Brismoutier

Board Member

Koen Bergs

Board Member


Our purpose

SCaMeleon has the ambition to position the role of Supply Chain & Procurement more clearly and assist to promote its added value.


Experience exchanges, top notch business and academic guest speakers, open & closed events, sharing insights, debating and networking.


Always combination of content AND connectivity – yet focus can vary. The previous events were a source of information.


SCaMeleon brings the Supply Chain & Procurement function to a differentiating level, by peer exchanges, as well as special topic exchanges and even more by sound boarding sessions and general interest studies. In brief, a top level environment that is the cradle for sustainable growth of individuals, companies and their Supply Chain & Procurements departments.


A trusted network of senior business people.

A non-profit organization that takes the challenge to upgrade the function & knowledge of supply chain & procurement.