Technologies for people in the new normal

A pandemic paralyses the entire world
22 October 2020
Luc Van den Hove

President & CEO of Imec

Our first online event was kicked off by Luc Van den Hove, CEO of Imec.

The theme of the evening was about the pandemic but also about the fact that technology can be the answer to all future challenges. A pandemic where technology plays a crucial role. The power of technology vs the power of the people.

Can we increase the professional and private data consumption or make the cloud services or related hardware markets grow. We know there is a exponential increase of data consumption but can we think of smarter ways to compute, store or connect.

Increased performance drastically reduces power.

We have to be ‘smarter’

  • Smart health: bringing healthcare within everybody’s reach
  • Smart mobility: connected driverless electrical vehicles. Unobtrusive sensors to enhance the in-cabin driving experience.
  • Smart cities: distributed sensor networks
  • Smart agrofood: sustainable food production and processing. For example urban farming.
  • Smart energy systems: sustainable energy generation and storage. For example highly efficient solar cells, converting CO2 into molecules by using green energy such as solar power
  • Smart health: bringing healthcare within everybody’s reach

Telehealth consults became a new reality. Paradigm shift form sick care to health care. With remote vital sign monitoring, vital sign sensing with one single chip. For example a smart watch: Samsung Simband using imec sensor platform. Or Next-generation device for mobile cardiac outpatient telemetry.
From factors beyond wearables to next-gen smart electronic ingestibles/insertables with sensing, power, signal processing en communication.

Nanoelectronics enable disruptive innovation in diagnostics for personal diagnostics with nanofluidics processor.

But there are also semiconductor devices for new therapies with multi-electrode array for precise cell transduction.

Semiconductor devices offer miniaturization and low-cost manufacturing

Networked innovation model.
Imec combines and connects material suppliers, equipment suppliers, system partners, fabless/fablite/EDA and IDM’s/Foundries.

Future Activities

Rika Coppens, CEO The House of HR

Open event in June

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Open event in October

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Open event in November


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