Robotics and artificial Intelligence

Some Use Cases
ING Belgium
17 October 2017
Jean Pinte

Bank Wide Operations

During this open event we took a look to various industries and how they apply ‘robotics’. But we also talked about cognitive computing such as Robotic Process Automation, Dektop Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Advantages of Robotic Process Automation.

Examples of robotics are major investments in navigation & obstacle avoidance for drones but also investments in autonomous vehicles such as Tesla. Increase interaction with driver through gesture recognition (for example Mercedes Benz and BMW).

But Robotics are also present in other industries. For example in warehousing: Amazon bought Kiva where 15.000 robots are deployed for warehousing management. But also in hospitality where robots are the new room service of in the cleaning industry where they use commercial cleaning robots.

Robotics doesn’t always mean “Humanoid Robots”. Robotic Process Automation is a technology that

  • Interacts with the presentation layer – the GUI – of the existing IT systems, just like a person
  • Works with any application, just like a person
    • Switches from one environment to another, just like a person
    • Validates data, makes rule-based, algorithmic decisions within pre-defined parameters, just like a person

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