Radical Business Transformation

Business Transformation
Antwerp Management School
21 February 2019
Prof. Dr. Paul Matthyssen

Reinventing business/value creation models

The New Digital Economy is overturning fundamental business paradigms and shattering many long-held business truths.

Respondents understand that to keep pace requires reinvention—reengineering business models and processes, and interactions with customers, employees, and other stakeholders. 

Taking consequences from digitalization and servitization

Digitization: technical opportunities on how firms develop, produce, and deliver their offerings and how they interact with customers at scale

Servitization: Fundamental shift in value creation towards co-creation and individualization

True digital transformation—the ability of an organization to leverage these new technologies and the data they produce to connect organizations, people, physical assets, and assets, and processes to drive growth and productivity—requires a deep cultural change that forces organizations to openly question their most basic beliefs and assumptions and to reengineer business models and innovation processes. However, many organizations, continue to struggleon their digital transformation journeys. They remain trapped in legacy systems and an outdated mindset…

Conclusion: A truly agile organization

A truly agile organization is built on a foundation of effective change leadership, employee resilience, and an open, transparent, speak-up culture supported by a world-class data analytics function. It also co-designs, manages and mobilizes ecosystems.

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