The Global Supply of Vaccines, Prof Dr Nico Vandaele

2 December 2021
Prof. Nico Vandaele


Onderzoeksgroep Productie en Logistiek, KULeuven
Boardmember PICS Belgium

Dear SCaMeleon-partner

 After careful consultation with our members and board regarding the health and safety of everyone in our industry, we have made the decision to organize the event digitally. Our apologies for this adjustment to an online event.

 All guests who registered for this event will receive a link to watch the presentation of Prof. Dr. Nico Vandaele online.

All members who still want to register for this online event, can do so by registering via the “register now” button on this page. So, please click on the link on this page for registration of you would like to participate!

This Experience Exchange was first moved from 25/11 to 2/12 due to the absence of our speaker, Prof Dr Nico Van Daele.

Sadly, we are now forced to make this an online event due to new COVID restrictions and safety measures.

Take care of yourselves. We’ll continue to work hard to bring you the unique events you love. In the meantime, to stay safe, informed and connected.


After a great and inspiring event in September where Johnny Thijs, former CEO of BPost, Boardmember of Recticel and other companies explained us in the new HQ of Essers all about how to manage your business in a period of global disaster, we go for our next event to a new challenge that we all face. If COVID19 has learned us something, it is that we were not ready from a Supply Chain point of view how to cope with it.

Prof Dr Nico Van Daele from the KUL will be our next key-note speaker on the topic of “The Global Supply Chain of Vaccines, what have we learned from it? How does this relate to other Supply Chains (Container Shipments, Global Supply Chains, how do companies react, the Single Source model, Emergency Response and Reinforcing Loops).

We are all tired of the pandemic, but at least the Academic World has learned from it and will share its thoughts and ideas on this.

Therefore, Prof Dr Nico Van Daele will be in debate with us on this thrilling topic on our next event.

We would like to invite you to our next event that will take place online on December 2.

Theme of that evening will be: “The Global Supply of Vaccines, what did we learn from it to reinforce our global Supply Chains?”

* Deze aanwezigheidslijst stellen we ter beschikking van alle aanwezigen van de experience exchange.

Thursday December 2


19.00    Intro Kris Smet, Chairman
19.10    Prof Dr Nico Van Daele
20.30    Closing & Q&A

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