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The no-nonsense interactive events and experience exchanges are the cornerstone of and for a strong business network and create a referential framework for whatever issue in your own company. SCaMeleon actively invest in building bridges not only between individuals, but also between companies and industries. We do this from the believe that similar issues pop up over different sectors and sharing of how to cope with them will be the best ground to cultivate the most sustainable solution or at least the best and most efficient way to tackle them.

Supply Chain of Pharma by Olivier van Hoorebeke

Open event in March

Open Event, Jean-Pierre Hollevoet

Wat hebben nucleaire energie, zonnepanelen, windmolens, energiegebruikers, flexibiliteitsaanbieders, Energy service providers, energieleveranciers gemeen…de nood aan een robuust en toekomstgericht energienetwerk.

Open Event, Michel Moortgat

We are more than thrilled and enthusiastic to have Michel Moortgat, CEO Duvel Moortgat as our keynote speaker on: The challenges of a 150-year old family business in a changing Brewing world.

Open Event, Anton Godschalk

He will explain and tell us how their company has reacted to the disruptions in their Supply Chains due to the recent and many issues around the globe. Disruptions that impacted the very core of the products they manufacture. We all know that the world is in need of innovation in many different aspects (CO2, global warming, war, shortages of products, …), but also due to the fact that innovation is a must to remain in the lead of your business.

Open Event, Hans Schurmans

After a great and inspiring event in April where Laurence Gacoin, CEO from C-Innovation explained us how companies could and should prepare for innovation and looking how to make our world better, we will have another eminent speaker for our next top-event: Hans Schurmans. Hans is Director Logistics Operation at Proximus and will explain us how Proximus has prepared itself for a digital, innovative, profitable environment in a green way. The combination of this all makes it more than challenging in an increasingly complex market.

Open Event, Laurence Gacoin

After a great and inspiring event in February where Pascal De Buck, CEO from FLUXYS, guided us through the complex and challenging environment of a drastically changing energy landscape, we will have another eminent speaker for our next top-event. She will explain and tell us how companies could and should prepare for innovation and looking how to make our world better. Clearly the world is in need of innovation (CO2, global warming, economy fluctuation through dependencies, …). C-Innovation is a company that is investing a lot in this and is preparing themselves and us for this transition.

Open Event, Johnny Thijs

We are more than thrilled and enthusiastic to have Johnny Thijs, former CEO BPost and currently member of several Boards (Essers, Recticel,…) as our keynote speaker on: “How to manage your business in a period of global disaster?”

Member Only, AV 2021

Annual General Meeting with the members of SCaMeleon

Open Event, Pascal De Buck

We have all seen the “recent” rise in our energy costs and we all know the European, definitely also Belgian, challenges our energy landscape is facing the next couple of years. Whether we talk about electrification of mobility (land, sea and air) or the source of energy (nuclear, wind, solar, hydrogen, …), a huge transition is taking place. What can we expect the years to come? How can we cope as professionals? What do we need to take into account?

The Global Supply of Vaccines, Prof Dr Nico Vandaele

This Experience Exchange was moved from 25/11 to 2/12. It will take place on Thursday 2/12 in an online setting. Prof Dr Nico Vandaele from the KUL will be our next key-note speaker on the topic of “The Global Supply Chain of Vaccines, what have we learned from it?

Hybrid environment, Hilde Helsen

We are thrilled and proud to have Hilde Helsen from TRAJECTUM as our keynote speaker on: “How to lead in a Hybrid Environment: how to get results, how to realise, in her words, the collective dream, how to foster innovation when some of your knowledge-workers share an office with you, some are working from home (WFH) and some are working for anywhere (WFA)?”

SARS-CoV2, vaccins, therapie en pandemic preparedness

Professor Johan Neyts, head of the research group that conducts research within the Rega Institute (KU Leuven) into the development of vaccines and anti-viral agents against SARS-CoV2, and is nowadays often asked in various media when it comes to Covid, will be our shine light on the corona pandemic and what we can expect in the coming months and years.

Technologies for people in the new normal

The theme of the evening was about the pandemic but also about the fact that technology can be the answer to all future challenges. A pandemic where technology plays a crucial role. The power of technology vs the power of the people.

De nutssector in volle ontwikkeling

Fluvius bundelt de unieke sterktes van Eandis en Infrax tot iets nieuws. Iets wat geen van beide partijen alleen zou kunnen waarmaken.

Radical Business Transformation

The New Digital Economy is overturning fundamental business paradigms and shattering many long-held business truths.

Digitalisation & Dashboarding

A business unit of Domo Chemicals, a private family owned business with a long term vision. Global presence wit a continuous investment in innovation capabilities.

Smart Logistics by Robert Boute

How can we make logistics more sustainable? A good example is the fasdhion industry, the fashion and speed in which we keep exploiting Earth, is simply unsustainable in the long term. But also is the transport industry the biggest climate problem.

Challenges and Opportunities in the digital revolution

During this evening we talked about how accelerating change can be. Fixed connections thanks to ultra vectoring, fiber and gigabit society. But also mobile connections with 4G, 5G and Internet of Things.

Challenges in Supply Chain and Procurement for 2018

And the end of the year we would like to sit together and focus on the challenges for the following year. Challenges such as volatility of raw materials prices and supply continuity, digitalization, war for talent and production stability.

Robotics and artificial Intelligence

During this open event we took a look to various industries and how they apply ‘robotics’. But we also talked about cognitive computing such as Robotic Process Automation, Dektop Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Advantages of Robotic Process Automation.

The interconnectedness of the global economy

With this first kickoff meeting with the board and members we launched the operations of Scameleon.

The war for talent

During this the debate between Jan Van de Perre (Managing Director van Fraikin) and Rik Hemelaer (Algemeen Directeur VAB bijstand) we got to learn more about the  USP’s, their fullservice concept and their added value of Fraiking.

Challenges in Supply Chain and Procurement

H. Essers lead logistics provider orchestrate your global supply chain from end to end by combining hæis in depth knowledge of transport and logistics with state of the art systems and innovative tools, to achieve your customer needs in the overall most cost competitive solution.

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