Open Event, Laurence Gacoin

HQ Cordeel NV
21 April 2022
Laurence Gacoin
CEO, C-Innovation

After a great and inspiring event in February where Pascal De Buck, CEO from FLUXYS, guided us through the complex and challenging environment of a drastically changing energy landscape, we will have another eminent speaker for our next top-event. She will explain and tell us how companies could and should prepare for innovation and looking how to make our world better. Clearly the world is in need of innovation (CO2, global warming, economy fluctuation through dependencies, …). C-Innovation is a company that is investing a lot in this and is preparing themselves and us for this transition.

We are more than thrilled and enthusiastic to have Laurence Gacoin, CEO C-Innovation as our keynote speaker on: “Building a passionate CO2-free future”

Laurence started her career as Project Manager for Proctor and Gamble before turning to Cofinimmo in 2003 where she would eventually become Head of Development. In 2015, Laurence was appointed as the COO and Board Member for Aedifica, a position she fulfilled until joining Cordeel Group as Board Member and CEO for C-Energy. Within Cordeel Group, Laurence is also responsible for the C-innovation department, which accelerates innovation and sustainable developments throughout the Cordeel Group.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to our next event that will take place, again physically, at the premises of Cordeel NV, Frank Van Dyckelaan 15, Temse on April 21.

Theme of that evening will be: “Building a passionate CO2-free future”

Thursday April 21

HQ Cordeel NV
Frank Van Dyckelaan 15
9140 Temse

19.30    Intro Kris Smet, Chairman
19.40    Laurence Gacoin
20.30    Closing & Walking Diner

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