Hybrid environment, Hilde Helsen

How to lead in a Hybrid Environment
Salons de Romrée
24 June 2021
Hilde Helsen


Hilde Helsen is a materials science engineer. She was one of the first female engineers in a top position at an international company. In 2021 she founded TRAJECTUM, an organisation supporting organisations and individuals at moments of transition. She is a keynote speaker and the author of the book “DREAMERS who DO”. Hilde has a vast experience with many different companies where she not only advised on themes like remote leadership, but also on how you lead in a hybrid world and how do you lead yourself?

At Salons de Romrée, Hilde Helsen took us on a journey of hybrid working environments where, for example some of your knowledge-workers share an office with you, or work from home (WFH) or from anywhere (WFA).


“Hilde delivered het keynote in a very interactive way, in which she is partly herself and partly someone else. The interaction between herself and the other person was played out in an attractive way. The way she presented the lecture, how she proposes things, down to earth, full of passion, is really appealing to talk further with her about change management, the hybrid model, how to work towards the future. She included short breaks for personal reflection which made the presentation extra interesting.” – Jan Vandeperre, CEO Fraikin.

“Love can come in as many forms as there are people. It’s only the love that can say everything that has meaning. DREAMERS WHO DO. From dream to realisation in three steps DREAM, STAND, PUSH with LET LOVE RULE as foundation”  Remember not one single dream is realized alone and there is always help – Hilde Helsen

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